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About Rockvale Management College
Rockvale Management College [RMC] is a tertiary education division of the Rockvale Academy, which was founded by Mr B.B.Pradhan, one of the few Indian citizen to win the prestigious award "International Order of Merit" in 1984. The School has acquited an image and reputation as one of the primary residental school in Eastern India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Rockvale Management College [RMC] happens to be the first Management Institute to be established in this region to bring the professional education which so far remained beyond the reach of large section of the population. This institute came into existance in August 2003

Courses Offered:

Our Mission
To provide oppertunities to aspring students from this region to acquire professional qualifications to pursue careers in Management and Information Technologies.

Our Motto
If you have inclination and aspiration to succeed in your chosen career , we are there to inspire you to achieve your goal.